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CTW The Fifth BBQ Party

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In order to strengthen the cultural construction of the company, enhance the understanding among the staff, enhance the cohesion among the staff, and enjoy the fun of collective activities in the busy work, on October 20th, the company held the annual barbecue expansion activity in the Yancheng Ruins Park.
The activity is mainly divided into two parts, barbecue and fun games.In the process of grilling, the teams showed different grilling methods and skills. While enjoying the delicious food, they talked about interesting things in work and life.



After a short rest, we began our second project:fun games.
The fun games include three events: Long worm jumping circle, Stone crossing, and Tug of war.There was a strong atmosphere and a lot of fun.The contestants work together to be the first to compete. The staff are also cheerful and cheerful, and the atmosphere of the competition is very active.The game was filled with cheers, shouts and laughter. In line with the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", we encouraged each other and immersed in a happy and harmonious atmosphere.





Through this barbecue activity, not only increased the feelings between the staff, but more importantly strengthened the company's cohesion, demonstrated the team spirit of friendship and mutual help, gained health and happiness, and added color to our work life!



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