The global optical fiber connector market is expected to exceed 40.1 billion yuan by 2025

Release time: 2021-01-15

According to a new report by the market research organization Grand View Research (Grand View Research), by 2025, the global optical fiber connector market is expected to reach US$5.9 billion (approximately RMB 40.13 billion).

The optical fiber field will usher in significant growth during the forecast period. Optical fiber connectors have great potential to become part of a wide range of applications in the medical, railway, defense & aviation, and oil and gas fields.

This technology has been under continuous research and development and aims to develop low-cost applications and technical solutions for the mass market.

The fiber optic market includes different fiber optic connectors, such as SC connectors, LC connectors, FC connectors, ST connectors, MTP connectors and others.

According to optical fiber applications, the market can be divided into military & aviation, oil & gas, telecommunications, medical care, financial insurance, railways and others.

According to revenue, in 2015, LC connectors dominated the entire optical fiber connector market. LC connectors are used for high-density connections, such as Cisco Catalyst network switches.