CTW was once again honoured with the title of "Gazelle Enterprise"

Release time: 2023-11-24

On 24th November, Jiangsu Productivity Promotion Centre released the evaluation results of Jiangsu Unicorn Enterprises and Unicorn Enterprises and Gazelle Enterprises in Hi-tech Zone in 2023, and Changzhou CTW Electronic Co. ("CTW") was awarded the title of "Jiangsu Gazelle Enterprise", which is the third consecutive year that CTW has won this honour.

CTW has been awarded the title of "Gazelle Enterprise" again, which is both affirmation and encouragement, CTW will take this opportunity to play the role of a gazelle enterprise as a benchmark, continue to plough into the field of new-generation information technology, strengthen the core technology research and development, and further enhance the independent innovation ability and the transformation of achievements, so as to provide our customers with more valuable technology and services! In order to provide customers with more valuable technologies and services, we will jump higher and run farther like a gazelle!

"Gazelle enterprise" refers to the enterprise that successfully crosses the start-up period, steadily enters into the high growth period with the support of new technology, new industry and new mode, with outstanding comprehensive benefits, great influence in the industry, high social integrity, strong demonstration and driving force, and like a gazelle, with jumping development posture, and plays a significant and fruitful role in leading the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises and in promoting the development of the private economy. The outstanding benchmark enterprises with obvious and significant effect. Gazelle enterprise is a general term for high-tech enterprises with good growth and leaping development trend, also known as "high-growth enterprises". These enterprises are characterised by "specialisation, refinement, specificity and newness", and their growth rate, technological content and industrial prospect are the three core indicators for the selection of gazelle enterprises. Gazelle enterprises are strong in innovation, new in specialisation, fast in growth and have great potential for development, and are a powerful engine for economic development.