Warmly celebrate CTW officially becoming a localized supplier of German HELLA Electronics

Release time: 2019-01-04

Happy New Year! After nearly two years of unremitting efforts, Changzhou Kotwa Electronics Co., Ltd. has been officially designated by HELLA Electronics as the domestic supplier of Volkswagen door handle antennas. At present, the project has officially started!

The start of the HELLA project marks a solid and firm step taken by CTW in the industry! General Manager Li Yanhong said that CTW has always been adhering to the spirit of striving forward, not forgetting its original aspiration, overcoming difficulties, forging ahead, and becoming a company. Striving for an enterprise with innovative ability, excellent quality, modern management and first-class service.

The launch of the HELLA project is a heavy New Year gift, and it is also a hope and challenge for CTW in the future. In the era of chasing dreams, we set off with longing and impulsiveness, and we also demand steadiness, patience and persistence, which are full of stories of steady progress.

Happiness comes from struggle, and struggle itself is a kind of happiness!